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Green Mansions at the gateway to the Adirondack Mountains has over one hundred residences surrounding Tripp Lake. These homes are filled with families who have been coming to Green Mansions for over thirty years. Winter and summer, they bring family and friends to share in the activities and traditions that mean Green Mansions. They have taught their children to swim in the cold, spring-fed water. They have fished and enjoyed the lake and its wildlife. They have hiked the mountainside, and gone further into the Adirondack Park to explore and enjoy all it has to offer. Children, teens and adults have played tennis on Green Mansions' courts for years. They have learned to play golf at Green Mansions Golf Club. They come to ski and learn to enjoy the winter activities here in the mountains. But, most importantly, this is where they have built life-long memories and friends. So, whether you're a family of ten or a family of one (yes, there are singles and couples here, too!), come to Green Mansions. And for that time, get away from the world for a while. Relax, have fun and start building your traditions and memories with us.

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